Smooth Savage Bio

 Born and raised in Jamaica, Smooth Savage captures the authentic tone and spirit of the best Reggae music, and more. Currently based in Southern California, Smooth Savage is all about connecting with listeners of all walks of life, through positive vibes, unique lyrics and fantastic grooves.


Although Smooth Savage’s sound is inspired and rooted in Reggae, this talented performer also incorporates elements as diverse as Hip-hop and Dance-hall, only to mention a few. 

He truly brings the WOW factor to his audience, and it is not surprising to see the artist’s climb from the underground scene, to the very top of the charts!  

Smooth Savage isn’t just an entertainer: he is a true artist who inspires listeners with thought-provoking lyrics and one-of-a-kind vibes. Great music is even greater when it makes you think for yourself, and Smooth Savage is a great example of an artist who accomplished exactly that! 

Find out more about Smooth Savage, and let the music tell you the rest of the story: 

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